The waterfront is more than a physical thing. It goes beyond substance. It is joy to many, sorrow to others. It is a place for adults to become children again while children play. It is a place of growth. The children took great steps toward adulthood.

Floundering Inters learned to love the water; swimmers were born. Breakfast canoe trips proved to be as much fun as they were filling.

Deb-teens produced some of our strongest and swiftest swimmers. Even the rapids of the Delaware River were no match for many of these amphibians and their fearless counselors as they maneuvered their canoes into and out of trouble. When the wind came up in Silver Lake our fleet was instantly sailing.

Some seniors were also known to have braved the waters of Silver Lake. They too, proved to be hearty and adventurous along the Delaware. Although admittedly, sailing and canoeing did seem to take a back seat to hair washing for this bunch of bathing beauties.

The joy at the waterfront this year came not through the efforts of a few outstanding individuals, but through the collective enthusiasm of the entire girls camp. Campers and counselors alike made this summer a very special one; a summer of growth for all involved.

Stue, Sue, and Joyce