This summer was my first summer on the boy's waterfront. It was an experience, I looked forward to, way before the summer ever began. Bruce and I, in order to give the boy's camp the best instruction, came to camp as Red Cross instructors in sailing, canoeing, and swimming. Our goal at the waterfront was threefold. Our main concern was for safety. After that our intention for the boys was to achieve a maximum of enjoyment, while at the same time learning a variety of new skills while developing old ones.

As far as enjoyment is concerned, very few things give me more pleasure than just to look at a beautiful lake in a peaceful setting. Fortunately Camp Ranger is blessed with one of the most beautiful lakes around. I sincerely hope that you've been delighted with the sane pleasure I have received.

I hope you've enjoyed the general swims and the Dr. B's bathes in the lake. The polarbears enjoyed their swim early in the mornings. Nobody else would have been crazy enough to go swimming that early in the morning. The Bombers too, seemed to enjoy their twilight bathing.

Unfortunately, before a person can enjoy something, many times he must learn a skill or a number of skills. This is especially true near the waterfront. This summer the skills of sailboating and canoeing were taught. It was a pleasure to watch many of the campers gliding with a canoe or a sailboat across the lake.

There were various types of swimming courses given out to the campers. There was a beginner course, advanced beginner, intermediate and advanced swimmer. Other relating courses were canoeing, sailing, rowing and Red Cross Junior and Senior Lifesaving. As part of the canoeing program we had our once week canoe trip. The majority of boys camp did partake in these exhausting but enjoyable trips.

The trip covered 12 to 15 miles and was taken down the Delaware River. The exhilarating and breath taking rapids were the goal of each child that went on the trips.

Virtually every camper learned something new at the waterfront this year. Each going home with a keen understanding of what swimming, canoeing, and sailing has to offer to us.

Hope to see you next summer, for a bigger and better program at the waterfront ...

Joe Turner