Girls Arts & Crafts is located in a lovely shaded area next to the recreation hall, where the sounds of play rehearsals can be heard. In these pleasant surroundings, campers worked on a variety of projects--from ceramics and candle making to fried marble animals and eyeglass lens pins.

"We have it twice a week and you can make alot of good things" --Susan
"I think Arts & Crafts is very creative"--Pauli
"It' s fun and it's good and I like it... my parents were proud of me and what I made"--Joy.

The fully equipped Arts & Crafts shop was a busy and productive place with the emphasis on enjoying what was being done. After a good summer my wishes to all are for a good year...


This summer the A&C shack became a wood shop. The sounds of hammering, sawing, and filing could be heard throughout the camp. It was common to see boys walking around camp sanding their projects. Wooden keys, cutting boards, Hi-Q games, shelves, magazine racks, tennis racquet, baseball bat holders, three dimensional Tic-Tac-Toe games, backgammon sets and jewelry were some of the projects that were completed by the campers. Plaques in the shape of a "chai" were among the most popular items.

The place was jumping with activity. Boys ranging in age from 6 to 16 used a variety of tools and materials. Among the tools used were coping saws, scroll sews, band saws hammers, drill press, saber saws, files and sanders. Wood stain and polyurethane were used for some of the final touches.

If you found the A&C shack to be great this year, next year you'll find it fantastic. Next summer there will be many more surprises for the Ranger boys.

In closing, I would like to thank the campers and counselors for making the A&C shack a safe and fun place to spend the summer...Till next year.

Lew Fein