Lastly, my thanks to:

Jim Tepperberg- whose assistants was instrumental in making our program a huge success. Jimmy you're the greatest.

There are several others I would also like to mention: Boys who performed well in Intercamp tennis-- David Druckman, Robert Appenzeller, Gregg Weitzner, Cleve Christie, Elliot Schwartz, Mark Klugman, Ken Goldstein, Steven Davis, Larry Hempel, Doug Roth, Keith Rosen Andy Stahl Brian Oliff, Howie Davis, Gary Moelis, Jeff Marmelstein, Neil Federer, Dana Sheer, Jonathan Slone, David Licker, Glenn Lamon, Danny Weinberg, Robert Baker, Gary Simon, Alan Bierfass, Gavin Christie Steve Tesch, Mattie Finklestein, Scott Gottdiener, Barry Birnbaum and Lenny Brodsky, and finally the whole camp - for I hope all the boys continue to play this winter so that the potential they have been exhibiting will grow thus allowing my list to double next summer.

This season has been one of the most rewarding summers I have ever had. I enjoyed meeting so many beautiful young people who care so much about other people that they have created an environment for a successful and enjoyable season.

Wishing you a GOOD YEAR
Larry Neiman