The 1975 TENNIS PROGRAM was a successful one. We began the season with formal group instruction. Such instruction enabled quick evaluation of individual strengths and weaknesses and provided an opportunity to establish private and semi-private lessons geared groups of equal skill levels of ability.

Basic-skills were frequently reviewed with the specific intention of providing the foundation for a lifetime sport. Emphasis was placed on improving individual weaknesses and learning how to capitalize on one's opponents weaknesses. Strategies for both singles and doubles were discussed and practiced when appropriate. Among the skills taught were the following: ready position, footwork, grips, forehand, and backhand ground strokes, service and service., return, net play- volley, half-volley, overhead and lobs both offensive and defensive. Emphasis was placed on ball spin, anticipation, concentration, and determination to win for the more advanced players.

I am happy to say that CAMP RANGER is truly becoming well known for its ability and sportsmanship in TENNIS throughout the region: 95% of our boys, if not more, are equipped with the basics enough so to enjoy a good match and more than a third of our boys are equipped with enough background to enter intercamp and or tournament competition We played three intercamp games. Winning all three with such overwhelming victories. Our victories were against camps such as Kennybrook Keewanee, and Locanda. Furthermore we placed second at the Brookwood Invitational Tournament, where we outplayed Chipanaw, Brookwood, Locanda, Locoda, Greely, and Kutcher's Sports Academy. Such competition provided many of our campers a chance to gain something extra- an opportunity to not only meet with other youngsters from other camps, but a chance to represent RANGER TENNIS at its best.

The tennis program offered such special events as the Ranger Cup and the counselors mixed doubles match where over sixty counselors and staff participated. Next year we plan to have more intercamp tennis matches where we will have an A and B team, and our own "RANGER INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT". Counselors will have their chance to compete in a singles elimination tournament which will establish a counselors tennis team for an occasional intercamp match.

I would like to announce the construction of four new Tennis Courts which will begin this fall, and completed by next spring. Increased professional staff will be provided for greater individual instruction for our campers.