periods of fundamental instruction each bunk was scheduled to receive each week. Of course, our supplemental tennis staff of Elyse Libby, Sheryl Moelis, Randi Subotky, and Greg Weitzner also helped out a great deal.

Yet despite the incredible efforts of both teaching staff and learning students- and pleased parents, take out your camper to your local courts and let her demonstrate for you the positive results of eight weeks of constant tennis practice. I must confess to a certain recurring feeling of inadequacy. It stems, I believe, from the open-ended nature of tennis instruction (there is always room for improvement) as well as the consistent desire of both myself and the campers to reach every girl every morning and every afternoon. Next year, perhaps, this feeling will lessen due to our four new courts, extended staff, and teaching aides such as ball machines and video tape. However, I do hope that next summer, as this summer, the demand for tennis still outstrips the supply for it is this situation which is the hallmark of quality.

A special note of recognition is necessary so that all those who have contributed to our successful program may be given our just thanks. First of all, I would like to thank all parents for providing that initial motivation. Secondly, I would like to thank Judy and Jerry Turner for incredible enthusiasm and support. Similarly, without the support of our head counselor, Dave Silver, and four beautiful group leaders the tennis program could never have gotten off the ground. Most importantly, I would like to thank all our Ranger girls for their constant practice, patience, and dedication which have once again established tennis as the number one sport in girls camp.