This year Camp Ranger has been introduced to the international sport of badminton.

In England, the game is played indoors on a hard surface. In camp, playing outdoors on the grass was quite an ordeal, especially because of the wind factor. After overcoming this difficulty, the girl's became very proficient at the game, and therefore was extremely popular with them.

If we could get some wind breaks, this game would become a major activity next year, and tournaments could easily be set up from there on.

David Adams

The girl's tennis program at Camp Ranger has consistently strived to reach all the girls in camp, including those of both advanced and beginning levels of ability. This summer a multi-faceted program was developed in an effort to reach this goal. Although it is my personal feeling that this summer's instructional was the finest in Ranger's history. I believe that it should serve only as a blueprint for our expanded program to be instituted next year.

However, the fantastic amount of time that out girl's spent in both instruction and practice cannot be underestimated. Our tennis day began at 7:30 A.M.; one half hour before reveille with a tennis option open to any girl in camp. Further tennis options were continually offered during morning and afternoon general swims. One problem is to be noted here: the motivation and desire to play of our campers resulted in jaw-packed option periods. This problem was slightly alleviated during the second half of the summer by the addition to our staff of the talented and experienced teaching professional from New York, Mr. Sol Lesser. Mr. Sol offered an individualized option all afternoon every day, as well as helping out with the core of our program; the two