Every year Camp Brookwood holds an invitational tournament in which eight of the big catskill camps get together via invitation for a full day of tennis. Each cam is requested to enter a team of players from which eight boys and eight girls are finally selected for competition. The RANGER TENNIS TEAM consisted of the following members:

16 and under:

David Druckman- singles
Steve Davis- singles
Robert Appenzeller- doubles
Gregg Weitzner- doubles
Elliot Schwartz
Cleve Christie
Mark Klugman

13 and under:

Gary Moelis- singles
Neil Federer- singles
Jeffrey Marmelstein- doubles
Howie Davis- doubles
Dana Sheer
Jonathan Sloan

The highlight of the tournament was contributed by the doubles team of Weitzner & Appenzeller who defeated the MA-HO-GE team as well as the Brookwood team. The lower senior division play was highlighted by the doubles team victory over Lakota. The team was comprised of Howie Davis & Jeff Marmelstein. Both doubles group were fortunate as well as skilled to reach the finals when the odds were so stocked against them.

Other camps attending the tournament were: MA-HO-GE, Chipinaw, Lokanda, Lakota, Brookwood, Greely and Kutcher's Sports Academy.

We would like to say how proud we are to have witnessed such outstanding sportsmanship and ability by our campers. They all played with class, each giving their best effort.

Thank you all for making
it all worthwhile....

Jack, Larry, Sol and Jimmy