If actions speak louder than words, than the record of the Seniors and Office Boys was screaming at full volume in 1975. The SOB's, as they affectionately labeled themselves this year, may not have been as rowdy or as boisterous as in the past, but they were truly the peaceful power of Camp Ranger.

The Seniors opened the season at Ranger Playhouse with a gruesomely grimey and gooky production of "Grease". Richie Waxman did find true love at the drive-in, while the Sea-turtle and the Birdman put Dion and the Belmonts to shame with their renditions of 1950's songs.

A rigorous and competitive league schedule was the highlight of the athletic activities and they proved to be an enjoyable learning experoence for all who participated. Records fell by the dozens as the leagues were infiltrated by people with names like Appadoo and the Mighty Elmer.

Going beyond our own leagues, there was little competition on the fields and on the courts as the SOB's dominated the Catskill Region. With the "A" basketball team leading the way at 7-0, the SOB's compiled a 32-5 record, which created havoc with the computers which calculate won/lost percentages -- ours was .867. Most of the camps who suffered vastly at the expense of Ranger's success were one-time powerhouses such as Olympus, Kewanee and Brookwood. Alas, pity them; they kneweth not our strength.

Other highlights of the senior summer included the Senior Hockey tournament, the 3 on 3 hoops tourney, and the hilarious "Bunk Skit Night", which was won by Bunk 22. The audience walked out at the end wondering; "...WHA' HAPPEN"?...

Finally, as we embark on our journeys through wintertime, let us not forget those who helped make our summer as great as it was, the counselors: Mike "Roark's" Berger, Mitchell "Rusty" Feldman, Charles Lipton, Chett "The Jet" Friedman, Roy Schuchman, Alan Mervish and Elz Kalick...Thanx to all.