able to do the same. To all of the superseniors- my love always. "We've all matured and grown up" and we've helped eachother to accomplish that much.. I hope our friendships will live on and on (and on and on)." If they do, then this summer at Ranger has been nothing short of successful. Have a good year. Here's hoping that '76 will bring us back together.

With all my love
Francella Alvin Izzy

In the-beginning there were nine, and as time went on we descended into the best four. At first our normal day consisted of serving, sleeping smoking cigarettes and socializing. As time moved on we got a little more active. Instead of sleeping in a bed, we discovered the chairs at the guest dock and the trampoline.

As we all entered bunk 19A we were ready to leave, but of course as time went on our first impressions changed for the better . Nervous and scared we approached the first meal. It proved to be worse than expected, but as time went on we developed the best muscles from carrying the overloaded trays.

On the first night of camp we all appeared to be timid and shy, with Mindy the first one asleep. Eventually we became the friendliest, happiest and closest bunk on girls side.

Those of us who made it, through the whole summer have a great many people to thank ... Without Myron, Jerry and Judy and the rest of the kitchen staff, we would have never become as good as we are.

Our summer at Ranger proved to be a most memorable one and at the same time the best we've ever had. We look forward to the summer of '76 as being part of the Ranger world again.

Quiet please----dedicated to the waitresses ... $2 fine... veras... peace, love and bellbottoms... tunafish...dead flies ...graffiti... cit. 2 ... farout & funky... Love will keep us together... lonely ... tears on my pillow... position poster... Mindy's 4 meals ... fence O.D...friehoffers... Magic... I think I love you...laydown... 2 o' clock bunk bed ... potato chips ... potato chips, munch, munch, munch we know waitresses are the very best bunch...