Being group leader of the superseniors has forced me to grow up. Gene is the mad nose kisser of last year. She has been replaced by a person who says, "Right here, right now on this earth," shades of Sheryl Moelis, "Thank you." But what of the superseniors themselves? What have they done to make this summer a memorable one?

Bunk 20 and the CITS were actively involved in intercamp games. Behind the pitching of Linda "Sternface" Sternberg and "Tiny" Tanya Wollen, combined with the slugging of Lisa "Klugy" Klugman and Linda "Blondie" Windheim, the superseniors enjoyed a semi-victorious softball season. With the superb coaching of Meryl "The Horror" Horowitz (What does the middle line do?) The volleyball team almost ended up on top at the Laconda Invitational. At the Brookwood Tennis Tournament the supers and the regulars were well represented. Janet Libby, Lisa Klugman, Linda Windheim, and Mindy Schuster should all be congratulated. And who could the Brookwood Intercamp game where we were provided with delicious punch and a fine show of sportsmanship ("Don't you open your mouth to my kids!"). My compliments to Shari Leisgold for her fine control that day. Mention must also be made of our most improved athletes- Debbie Stanger,(Don't faint Bob) and Caren Ehrlich.

The AIDES were not excluded from intercamp games. Who else could lose a softball game 48-1? Not only that, but they used three pitchers. It was worth playing though. If only to get a glimpse of Shari Epstein's legs. And speaking of Shari Epstein, who ever thought she'd be the star of the vollyball game? Shari, I award you with a pair of platform sneakers!

Sports were not our only strength. Bunk 20 was involved in "Grease" and the Cits and AIDES in the big show, "No No Nanette". Rhonda Barkoff made the big time as Nanette, followed by a cast of thousands. Congrats to Cindi Rogavin and her synthesizer, Sherri Olan, Wendy Katz and Donna Windheim.

The sups also went on overnights and canoe trips, to the movies and concerts. Who can forget screaming at "Jaws" and singing at "Tommy" Donna don't ever lose Barry Manilow's Cup! We also went to the Sullivan County Fair - I have teeth marks to prove it. It was at that fair that we went on the spider that and the zipper, that Tanya won a mammoth stuffed animal and that Leisgold connived her way for a Winnie the Pooh. Shari, you want to make a deal?

All in all, the summer passed away too quickly. There was hard work (Jack, Chipmunk works hard!) and good times, a lot of work and a lot of love. My thanks to Bonnie Forth, Penniforth, and Henceforth for their cooperation, support, and understanding when I needed it most. To Bunk 20 1 send my hopes that next year you will be always super and never a senior. To Cit 1 and Cit 11, my congratulations for mellowing out. And to the Bunk that I lived with the AIDES, my-deepest devotion. You were the ones who brought me up when I was down - You showed me more than once that you cared and I hope I've been