As the summer drew near, my apprehensions started to rise, being new in a camp and having the "Senior Girls". By the end of the first day, however, the Senior Girls relieved all of my nervousness. I was accepted without any real testing games.

Being a newcomer always presents some problems. I was forever asking questions as to what was supposed to be happening or where we were supposed to be going. I would like Debbie Naiztat to know that I appreciated her patience and understanding those first few days. Fortunately, I was not alone in my newness. Sue Wolpin, Meryl Kramer, and Andy Potter were also in my boat and together, with the aid of Linda Estrin and Meryl Horowitz we have steered ourselves and the girls into an enjoyable summer for all.

The program for the senior girls this summer was full and varied. The girls participated in intercamp games and tennis tournaments spread throughout the summer. In all events, the girls always put forth their best efforts. Our other activities included: ice skating, roller skating, canoe trips, overnights, mountain climbing to Mt. Marcy, a planned trip to Beaverkill and the senior production of Finian's Rainbow and Grease.

This summer was good experience for the entire division. Living with many different personalities for an entire summer is not an easy task, but with patience and understanding anything can be accomplished. The senior girls have learned to do this.

I sincerely hope that the girls have, and the friendships made this summer will continue throughout the years.

Have a good winter