Summer, 1975

Dear Mom and Dad,

Thank you so very much for sending me to Camp Ranger this summer. It was great to be a Deb-teen. We had an exciting and enjoyable summer. At the beginning of the season we went on an overnight hike to Mt. Cathalia. We slept in sleeping bags, inside of tents, and the next day we went to the Ice Caves. It was hot outside, but so cold inside.

The bicycle hikes to Fienberg's Farm were a lot of fun. We ate there, and went for a swim in their pool. One night we weren't doing anything special, so Billy took us all out for a motor boat ride around White Lake. Then we went out for pizza. It turned out to be a very special evening.

Our whole division put on the play "Flower Drum Song". We worked very hard on it, and the production turned out fine. We even went to the circus. It was fun to go out with all my friends. We did this many times during the summer. We went bowling, ice skating and roller skating.

The girls in our division were really great during the many inter camp games we played. They really tried very hard to show all the other camps how good a Ranger girl can be. We played against Camps Roosevelt, Tyler Hill & Laconda. We played softball, volleyball and tennis. One of the girls in the Debteens even competed in the Tennis tournament at Camp Brookwood. At all of these matches we presented ourselves very well.

Color War was the best. Whether we won or lost, we all enjoyed ourselves. The teams were evenly divided and the games were fantastic.

I'm so sorry that I only have one week left to be with my friends. I have made such good friends this summer, I'm sure I will be seeing them during the winter. We are all looking forward to being together in Camp Ranger next summer.

All my love,
Rita. . . a Deb-teen