The Bombers of 1975 were certainly a division to be reckoned with. The "Mellowites", as we were justly dubbed were unique in the fact that this was the largest Bomber division in Ranger history. We ran 3 sport leagues this summer; hockey, softball and 3 on 3 basketball. All the leagues provided the boys with playing time motivation and the concept of winning and losing, a major part of athletic attitude. We try to develop proper attitudes as well as their skills in the sport.

The Bombers did very well this summer in intercamp game competition. Because of our powerful new size, we had to move up our competition to include such powerhouses as Brookwood and Roosevelt, as well as our arch rival, Olympus. Our final record was 12-31, but our sportsmanship, manners and attitude were most impressive to our opponents.

The MelloWites went on some fun excursions this summer. We took a trip to the Clyde Beatty Circus one rainy afternoon, and stuffed ourselves with cotton candy and popcorn. We also spent a day at the Catskill Game Farm. The ride there was long but the animals and slush cones were unbeatable. Bomber counselors always had as much fun as the campers on these trips out of camp. On some rainy afternoons we went to the movies to see some Walt Disney films. This was definitely better then O.B.S.

In Color War 1975, in the Bombers competition was fierce. The camper captains were Phil Goldstein and Adam Stanger. Both captains and both teams did an excellent job.

At Ranger Playhouse this year, the Bombers had a hit with "Flower Drum Song". Barry Hirsch had the lead in the play and strong supporting performances were turned in by Larry Tesch, Robert Glick and Jeff & Steve Lichtman.

Last but most important, were the Bomber counselors of 1975: Neal, Mitch, Craig, Donny, Richie, Scott and Brian. From our ranks came 2 color war officers and a referee. This was the finest group of counselors I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I think the closeness between the counselors and the quality of their work was the main reason for the Bomber success of 1975. Bomber counselors and campers; when you are sitting in your homes on a snowy winter evening, think of the warm. Ranger sun, of Silver Lake and most important...of the love and togetherness we all experienced this summer...See you all next summer.

love always from the leader of
the Mellowites,