Just a small note of appreciation of how you all contributed to a lovely summer.
May the days ahead bring you fond & happy memories of Ranger and friendships which could lasts a life time. My thanks to the red & grey teams for the songs written during color war.
And now, my heartful wish is that you all stay well during the winter interlude & meet again next, summer at Ranger.
Love you all
Aunt Jean

Your joyous fun filled days spent at Ranger have ended but the memories of all the pleasant events will fondly linger on.
As always parting is sad but there is consolation in knowing that you will all meet again next year, renewing friendships you have made and repeat once again the fun & frolic of '74.
I am grateful for the privilege of helping my campers and counselors, tac, at times, it was most rewarding.
Keep well & happy. Shalom!


A happy summer at Ranger is made up of so many little things - A good deed, a smile, a kind look - a kiss and a heartful compliment in disguise of playful teasing. To be with your good friends, to have fun on the fields & courts. To swim in our lovely Silver Lake with the bright sun & beautiful blue Sky above us. To walk that Rainbow Trail of Song so that all about us will be Beauty.
Isn't this really Ranger Spirit?
How lucky I feel to be with all of you.

With love,

Aunt Ruth