As has been said for the past four years, "Once again, as the sun sinks in the west, we bid farewell to another summer in the sun filler capital of "Rangerville."
This summer more than any before shows how tradition (Ranger spirit that is) and good planning has made for another successful summer.
The new, sole owners and directors "Judy and Jerry' spared nothing to make for the development and continuation of Ranger tradition.
To veterans like Group Leaders Barbara Brill and Fran (Alvin) Itzkowitz, they brought back and added Dolores Haskins and newcomer Esther Davidson to offer inspired leadership and bull dog determination. A new division called the Super Seniors was added comprised of future Ranger leaders.
Once, again Aunt Jean returned to inspire all those who were exposed to her charms as camp mother.
Janice & Sherri in Arts & Crafts had many new projects to wet the pallets of all with artistic inclinations.
Down at the waterfront we had J.J. Klein and Joseph Turner to direct aquatics and sailing and boating.
Pioneering Bob Flax brought to girls campus a feeling of adventure and competency as he and Ron Turner took out group after group on over-nights and day hikes.
Susan Jaffa dramatics ability for pantomime and Barbara Leeds knowledge of Gymnastics added a now dimension to Ranger Skills.
Eric Lindre's ability with the Tennis racquet and Sherri Olan's skill with the bow and arrow made for an added reservoir of talent.
The activities that included dramatic presentations (Showtime), bike hikes, intercamp games, mystery bus rides, iceskating, bowling, trips to Beaverkill and the Catskill Game Farm concerts at Sullivan County's Campuses, movies, canoe trips, Color War, and many more activities made for a never ending panorama of fun and frolic.
The patience of Morris and Edith in the canteen and Ronnie and Bob at the helm of the good ship "Camp Ranger" reminds us that for the red and grey at heart will be another trip to the fun filled Capital at Rangerville next year.