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some nice shirts, his own hair blower and brush and mirror, a head of hair, a game of taps, a car, Paul H., driving lessons
a red neck, a track 2, Rosie, more entertainment after Veras, a alibi, the keys to the infirmary, a taps partner, Rice, peach fuzz, the CIT'S, towels of his own
Next years generalship, a red chevy, an older face to wear his mustache on, a bunk with good arms, an exploring expedition, a car that cleans itself, a day off without Elz, close friends on girls side
His own postal service, health lessons, gas retainer, a brother who's too busy for him, fine arts
Rusty, the pine, the silver bullet, Horseshow, Z team
2 L's, a date, a shave, Rosie, K.K., Monde Laurentis
summer supply of paint remover, "she loves it, she loves it", dry brushes, a flash frozen field mouse
a permanent bunk, a counselor basketball game, a summer of skiing
Trump Village, Meryl's friends, a timer for his stereo, Brooklyn, more hockey games, a mustache, a car
Sherri & Church, a bigger bed, worm, somebody to talk to, a shave, a chance to go home
finally a position as judge in next years color war, a car that never breaks, an exploring expedition, a day off without Jake, a double fault
a penny for your thoughts, Mason and the boys, just one more raid, a winning plaque, sleep a la nature, new clogs
fine arts, David's sister, a day in the main office, more playing time, more one on one moves with R.D., taking the whole rap, more afro picks, double figures
Jerry Garcia's guitar, Bonnie, a raid, peppermint soap, S.S.
a raid every night, girls bunk 20 and counselor, a divisional change, color war, general of the Z Team, a new car, Louie
Rita, a B.Ball game with a professional ref, a car that always starts, a white cougar to be in front of, saddle shoes and a river, big Jon, a K.T. championship "It feels good", a b ball game while drinking up some BUD, 1001 vitamins
group leadership, a comb, a non athlete brother, #1 seed
piano player, visits from Richie, the O.B's, night company
a new car, a subdude laugh, A.G.
the tractors all to his own, a full 8 hour day, instructions on how to side-step a clutch, a dummy smaller than him
a personalized jeep dealer, sleeping in till 12 noon, a hair dryer or that he can use, keys to the canteen, his own tractor
a new bathroon floor, a pilot that can fly, a mimeograph machine of his own, a couch, Myron, a salami sandwich, a broken screen door, JILL