Penny Klein -

Bonnie Epstein -

Debbie Tunick -

Esther Davidson -

Fran Itzkowitz -
Dolores Haskin -
counselor, Carol's Dr. Scholl's, one dozen withered roses, Elliot's z, one streaker, membership card, all night raid, a straight night, a gold heard at all times, subtle rail polish, jap clothes in camp, Jimmy
an engagement ring, hike through the woods, a summer in Ma-Ho-Ge, one straight night, winner in the Rhonda Barkoff look-a-like contest
a pink bridal gown, a box of tide for Mark, one last argument, "I've tried", mysterious nudity on Sunday mornings?
a chest, a pleasant waking up greeting, a choice of 2-Hosh or Stu, a curfew, "lights off ladies", a bar of soap, 24 hours to nap
an alarm clock, more counselors, Alvin
a shorter article, a tennis racket

Paul Goldberg -

Dave Silver -

Bob Wa man -

Barry Lang -

Mike Markoff -

Mitch Siegel -

Mark Gableman -

Charlie Kellman -

Neil Barkoff -

Brian Reimer -

Mike Alalerf -

Marty Karl -

Billy Schecter -

Larry Chasin -
Michael Netsky, another bed to make, fish sticks, a new house, a ski trip, a new game to beat Weinstein at, Aunt Carol
clothing to suit a jock, Ron, G..., a ? that's of age, Robert Gilbert, an 8 track tape of any rock group
Debbie, a 12 string guitar that has unbreakable strings, an officers position in C.W., palm sweat, breakfast on his D.O.
drums, whammies, accident, roof car, onions, Climax!, soft Parade, Harland Kossen, Munchkin crown next year
25 hours of sleep per day, 7 days off a week, a normal bunk, a paccque that works, 6 fluid ounces of zit juice, a piano, Crafts, A & C in 75
a C.A. who has the same hair cut, a textbook on how to get along with the Munchkin King
a C.A., a co that isn't a Royal pain, a call to the pines, a brother, his personal ping pong racket
a new comic song, more than a mouthful, b.b., wizard of Ranger, a visit to Teaneck, starship, a full mustache, bottle of grease, (Not it)
a haircut, morning line-up, six more weeks of Eileen, a raid from Rosie and Jane, a nap, Rookie of the year
Billy's fan, J.S., a pair of B-48, instructions on how to make a lay up, $20.00 more from K.R., shoes without heels, Billy's love, Mitchs' back seat
a jump rope, ends for his weights, Amy, a marriage, the pantry, the other half of the year as a counselor, a clean toilet, a late awakening
Monkey, a car window, more insurance coverage, 4 a.m., approval from Aunt Ruth, an evening on
Brian Reimer, a lock on his window, an alarm clock that doesn't ring, the musketeers, a night out of camp, a set of wheels, a harmonica, a flashlight in his eyes, a 4 day weekend at the Nevele, the O.B's., the waterfront, the other half of his tips, a counselor job, any job
a voice, a tennis serve, a waiter, a tip from Billy, his own hair blower, socks that fit, fatter legs, more points in counselor games, a late arrival