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A permanent post at Ranger for the next 10 summers and a faithful co-counselor
a spare room to store her care packages
a pair of wings so that torpedo can fly to the telephone in the GCO
a chance to finally have that good talk before camp ends, and lozenges to ease her laryngitis
O.D., the story of her life, "Wendy & Fredreke booboobodou"
Shari Novek, another 4 weeks at Camp Ranger, Another O.D. during color war, under privileged children
a decent place to do her hair, decent co-counselors
decent bunk, with decent kids, privacy, group leader, fly paper
a 5 dollar tip, her own clothes, another year at Ranger
artichoke rusks, a room with a door, a quiet place, a one person volleyball team, Queen of the trampoline, JB
mugs from the Parlor, a French course, long hair again, an unpopular boyfriend, vicks mentho types
Mitchell, 5 year contract for Camp Ranger, Lemons, a dinner table with manners, color war coordinator, the good life
a pack of cigarettes, new nails, a weeks vacation in the infirmary, a car to leave camp, "Don't let me eat today", a lot of good luck and friendship in the future
A weeks O.D., an after the summer romance with B.W.
Salad, salad, salad, more salad, a dressing, a new wardrobe for every day of the week
a boyfriend who goes to the same camp, ibt cover-up, a step ladder, a new best friend, her own tennis courts, a helmet at meals
Friday Discussions, Xaveria, the night visitor, a P.H.P. doll, a co-counselor
an affair with the King
Roy, a letter from Bruce, a day at the Raleigh, "Congratulations to you...", a midnight walk to the squash courts with her co
a tee shirt, and a broken toe all in one, a voice of her own, Billy, a bunk that wakes up in the morning
a letter or telephone call from Larry, a regular job & counselors privileges, a plaque to remember, boyfriends 1, 2, 3, midnight chats with Allyn & Meryl
Are you wearing sweat pants, Paul, a co-counselor, respect, love
an obnoxious mood, someone to tell her their problems, counselor Ilene & privileges, Larry, a Permanent Bunk