Sheryl Newman -

Robin Wyler -

Carrie Kaplan -

Donna Windheim -

Lynn Margolies -

Sherri Olan -

To the bunk -

a bottle to practice on, "as the score goes up another notch", the next "W" boy, a way of making mischief without getting caught
Helen Reddy's top hit record, a pre-packed trunk, her very own gymnasium, a personalized solid gold broom
a pair of big hands, a years supply of pampers for Rebel, a muzzle, a paint free body
a diet that only starts tomorrow, unlighted tennis courts, a goal accomplished, a guy who isn't "such a doll"
a million and one facts for different occasions, a rendezvous with a carrot peeler, non stop boobs, a dietetic meal served by her "favorite waiter"
a hi from every waiter, a starring role, a laundry message from dad, hair trained to stay back, a BOBBY pin
rickey mouse, 2 visitors for each night, our own full length mirror, a smoking lounge behind the bunk

Jane Rosenberg -

Sheri Steurenthal -

Alyse Glaser -

Debbie Naiztat -

Patty Tall -

Joyce Rosen -

Marlene Horowitz -

Hydee Feldstein -

Charrie Goldberg -

Shari Epstein -

Michele Appenzeller -

We Leave The Bunk -
memories of R.B., walks to Ma-Ho-Ge, the pair of pants she lent B.W., 2 bids 4 bids 6 bids a dollar, all for Impala buys stand up and hollar
a husband to be, a normal pitch voice, a toothpaste tube from S.E., Jeff's wardrobe
any chance to get out of camp, courage for a raid, trunk full of food, paper plates
a 24 hr. shopping spree at Mays, a T.V. set at roadpost, a midnight activity of toilet paper, isn't my stomach getting smaller
a neat bed, a good mood, a night without snoring, a day without mail
a neat bed, a toothbrush, tuna sandwich, locket fro, M.G., weight watchers ice cream
straight hair curled under, the winning plaque in color war, a chance to come back next summer, a single bed, black and blue legs
unos buenos noches a la canteen, raids, dancing and shimmying on beat, "gorgeous", a pig sty around her bed
a boyfriend to go home to, 20 free lessons in belly dancing, the sweetness award
PERFECTLY STRAIGHT HAIR, a minute without wrapping her hair, cheesecake, another necklace from D.S., a day without cursing, a sunburn and a pair of shorts, a muzzle for the morning, her own bed to sleep in
a bra for 30 people, boogie, 2 guys to win by losing back home, the wings of man, S.E. and J.R., blow dryer, her own bed at the infirmary, THE BIG TEST, a pro hair dryer
a night without snoring, a fard bag, a swept floor, a scuzzy shower, unclogged toilets, an extra bar of soap, tushy rash, a midnight snack, a pleasant good morning, a night out without supervision, Rosey, and lots of love and happiness