Beth Rubin -

Beth Welt -

Joan Windman -

Michele Taradash -

Jill Cohen -

Carol Sussman -

To the bunk -
a tush to kick, a sweet look, older friends, a clean laundry, a pick! hospital corners, a hi, how are you.?, a letter and stamps, her sister, her wonderful temper, a new haircut, Tell me I'm not nice?
a good conversation, uncontrollable appetite, a diet tomorrow, who has a dark tan, a good haircut, cup of coffee Frac, cat food, another bottle of shampoo, prom queen
one continuous giggle, wavy hair to straighten a new pair of Dr. Scholls, a bed board, a big mouth, a good voice, sly red nail polish, a private hair dryer
elephant logs, training bra, a bed in the middle of the bunk, a line in the play, a bottle full of peanuts, a friend at all times, a body suit, a love letter from Paul, a kiss from Cinda, Forest Hills underwear and Pam.
straight hair, New Year Eve, more boys to flirt with, tennis balls, 1st shower at rest, a bad voice, harmony, independence, a letter and a phone call from H. A. and her last tea
a good ear, thongs from Penny, nails to polish, a letter from Raymond, her own doctor, a letter to Caren, short eyelashes, a ride to Kutshers
no general swim, Stuie Klein, a decent bathroom, more food from Howie, a trip to Veras, psychiatric help, all the time in the world to sleep, cartons of cigarettes, stereo system for the bunk, live in maid, 12 months at camp Ranger and lots of 1ove and happiness
Rhonda Barkoff -

Laurie Barashick -

Sheryl Moleis -

Joanne -

Judy -

Elyse -

To the bunk -

mommy, day without fight, a night without being docked, a twilight squash game, 9 month anniversary letter, Where did I take?, winner of Bonnie Epstein look a like contest, a day without a fight with Richie
a summer without hands, only her hair dresser knows for sure, a letter from her own friend, a color war without a fight, I'm scared, an untouchable bed
Class in "sheet work", fettucine, another lb. gained, a FRIEND of the opposite sex, pampers, a comedy lesson in doubles
a midnight story, a year supply of pimple cream, all around athlete "74", a color war full of razzes, 7 more weeks of M.A.
Her own bathroom, another try at Brookwood, P.J., a kiss from Joe Turner that she'll never forget, 7 more weeks of Neie, some comfort from the South
we're glad you stayed on, my bags are packed, a cheering squad for her tennis tournament, man's best friend, the "Mutt", a comforting night, a good visiting day, comfort from the South
Shari Leisgold, ERIC, might ever thank you, JJ, right here on this earth, honor bunk, Beth Welt here, a day without a fight