Alyssa Brill-

Lisa (Little Cheeks) Klugman-

Michele Magesis-

Linda Malin-

Ellen Gutterson-

To the bunk-
a daily trip to Moms cabin a chance to speak to Pam, a convenient time to take a shower, a package that gets ,sent by mail, a motherless camp, "My mother said", a laundry done in camp
A boyfriend with elevated shoes, a pimple free face, a Midnight with M.K. that wakes up L. M., M. M., and E.G. What?, a private fight with L. M.
An Italian dinner from Anthony's a family to be quiet about, a coordinated day, a message from Alyssa, all our love and attention, a secret she could keep.
a pretzel fit, a letter from Jeff, a boy to go out with, taller boys, a weekend wedding, Please, But I must, my baby brother...
birdie that doesn't fly with the chicks, a telephone call from R.B., I like him the best, I am an individual, a mystery bus ride to remember, a place to go with L.M.
2 counselors who are fagatized, daily & nightly walks to the rec hall, a day without changing beds around
Cindy F. -

Marcie -

Lisa -

Liz -

Melanie -

Julie -

Meryl -

Cindy R. -

Cheryl -

Nancy -


To the bunk -
I love you, Fran, a trip to Brookwood, Boogie, new jokes for daddy, beige workpants
rowboat with cars, trip to Brookwood, an obnoxious voice I hate it, a smaller mouth
poc-a-dots, dry hair, hot water, more pimples for Meryl to pop, her own jacket
new set of records, extended curfew, a lesson on how to eat fast, new waiter Fido, a night without a visitor, Cheryl's pants, hair that went through heck, clothes from her aunt, Autumn, an accent
Sybil, a basketball, messy cubbies, Reagan, trip to Brockwood a fight with Liz, a Brooklyn accent, jewelry, a look, wave, smile, hello, talk, kiss, Bobby
pajamas that match, Jeff, a massage, a hat that fits
101 ways to pop a pimple, toothpaste, a surprise from Sheryl Goldberg
a Jewish boyfriend, lighter skin, a whispering voice, an odd sock, Rochdale B.H.M.
a smarter brother, a letter from Jeff, an afro, baggier pants, a nightly conversation, Jeff don't be coy, a walk down the avenue, J.J.'s voice, Kimberly, split personality, B. T. K.
a mirror, button earrings, an assuring word, a bunk 19 girl, a membership to the slick chicks, Julie, Hollywood
membership to the slick chicks, a mind of her own, a boyfriend, cubbies as clean as Melanie's, the lead in the play, a face to wake up to a dummy, tennis and karate lessons, a trip to Brookwood, 2 hooks, muzzle, a doctors son.
a spot at the G. C. O., a visit from Sherman, spoons, somerset, a successful raid, little rabbit fu fu, problems to solve, a talk with Fran, what a drag, Sybil, H. W., a diet we'll stay on, back away slowly J.J., something to wear, a trip to Georgia, impetigo, termites, Billy and Steve, trust, togetherness, a midnight talk, privileges, a night visitor, a day without fights, respect trust and lots of love from Ilene, and have a great year. See you at the reunion!