Karen Spiro -

Caren Friedman -

To the bunk -
campers with pretty stationary to trade with, help with folding her jelly rolls, the inters, her brother to protect all winter long.
a softer voice, a skinny body, Dr. Drimmer and family, Brookwood next year and her own track for jogging
the book, "Everything that you'd want to know about sex but were afraid to ask", counselors who buy them pizza, a successful raid, more group discussions, Dolores,, and all our love with plenty of hugs kisses for a healthy and happy year. See you at the reunion.
Kathy Bakst -
Elaine Bieber-

Jennifer Herman -

Lauren Hill -
Sharon Lederman -

Diana Manolil -

To the bunk -
Pocono, Lyle, Shauna, Ronna, a whistle
a stars dressing room, a brother to look up to, better dreams, tapestry, I won't grow up, Bieberisms
someone to hate her, a day off to see the New Riders; a letter every night, a MUZZLE, few more bruises, crush on Charlie, a best friend, a mother and a father to love, Jane
Calamity Jane, doll that whines.
Boys camp, Ronnie, Lisa, A leg to shave, a flashing personality, a stick of gold and wax
4 weeks at Ranger, Jimmy, A heavy conversationalist, whole summer at Ranger. A friend to join her, More candy, A book of 1001 ways to cause trouble
their own clothes, Wendy, Dolores, Eva, Boys camp, Night braces, Bunk discussions, Guys and Dolls, Another threat from Rubin, A successful raid, 4 more great counselors and love from all of us, Bonnie Ellen, Jill, Ronnie.
Susan G. -
Jane L. -

Lori R. -

Mindy S. -

Nancy S. -
Debbie S. -

Linda S.-

Carolyn W. -

Linda W. -
To the bunk-
new outfit, Bunk 14, Friends, A tissue. Your own private swimming pool, A drunk tennis pro, A beaver
A Gable doll, Carolyn, her own pants, food gum
a tennis lesson, R.T. look alike, mommy, longlegs
an empty trunk, a headwash, July
a diet to gain weight, Stinger, a Wax doll, a haircut
her own private red fence, a ticket to P.R., away, away, away,
a camp brother, Luis, a letter from Isaac, table manners, gas, mongol
Brad, a problem, a date at Kaplans
gas mask, Xaveria Book, more plugs, a raid, fly paper, truckers, boob contest, horney bunk, lots of love and happiness, Tennis lessons,
Shari L. -

Karen E.-

Marybel L. -

Kathy M. -
Bonnie N.-
Les1ie R.-
a corner to hang on, someone to "Mess Up", C.I.T.2
Mr. & Mrs. Appitizer, more visitors on visiting day, J.J.
a berlitz English course, clips for her hair, a blower
as much food as she can eat, a hair-wash
Bunk 15 "ernie"
a neat bed, swimming lessons with Marybel