Lisa Rudes -

Debbie Netsky -
Lynn Weinstein -
Hillary Geller -

Mora McTague -

Melissa Herman -
Tara Gregory -
Ellen Drackman -
waterskiing, a bunk she can get along with, Netsky
an undershirt, Lisa Rudes
a pair of pants to fit her, a clean shirt
a clean face, a clean bed, and an empty laundry bag
another five weeks, the infirmary, a day off
fried chicken, sympathy pains
a bra, mouthwash
athletic field, a stable of horses
Lisa Lederman -

Linda Cohen -

Tina Schector -

Sharon Tarnofsky -

Susan Grant -
Cinda Alexander -

Stacy Wichard -
Charley the tuna, maid service, refills of chocolate milk
eight o'clock curfew, her own path to the infirmary, books, books, books...
Greg, clean showers and silverware, full time first sweep
her every day cry, candy and food for her boyfriend, a truck for her visiting day food
a whine, a clean bed, a talk with Ronnie
"Here come the judge," Delores' shadow, a cough and a sneeze
a cute blond blue eyed boy from bunk 13, Tina
Nina -

Jody -

Randy -

Lisa -

Susan -

Suzanne -

Esther -
the letters T, H, I, N, K in 12K gold, a twister, life size picture of Mitchell Benson
a tongue depressor glued in the book titled "How to pick up boys" by Jodi Gregory, 10 a cubby
10 lbs., Noodles, Miss Feminity Award, Life size picture of Mitchell Benson
A Nina doll, 7 girls that get along, calorie book
gallon of weight watchers ice cream, a plum, a water balloon to call her own
unmailed letters home, Esther, friendship forever
a raid, 7:30 curfew, a quiet bunk, counselors who care, a telephone pass
Robin Forman -

Karen Flam -

Debbie Firsty -

Jodi Escava -

Mimi Schwartz -
a cork, can of lysol, Karen Flam, a counselor with a pinchable tushie, no swim list, a brother who brings his own money to camp, "This stinks"
a muzzle for her scream, Robin, garlic soy beans, Delores to wake her up every morning, and a pack of sweetness pills
patience for those lazier than herself, a dining room table that she could mess up, counselors who are "more fun", a boyfriend in her own division, ponytail barettes
a maid to clean her cubbies, shorter stories, "that's tough on you," less strength, 60 bottles of shampoo, a refrigerator to keep care package in, Alex
Archie and his gang, another color war, a remedy for hoarseness, a box of tissues for her sneezes, chocolate parfaits, a bathroom without a light