Tina Friedman -

Amy Kaminsky -
Stephanie Stone -

Pamela Chinsky -

Michele Grant -

Stephanie Morrell -
Her own lake and 24 hours a day of general swim
swimming lessons and Michele
peanut butter and jelly, a shower, and her own personal lion tamer
a place in the 1988 Olympics and a bunkful of popcorn
some energy, a full time maid, and Uncle Herbie in the infirmary
a lifetime supply of Fun-Dip and Bob Pioneering
Stacy Silverman -
Jodi Spector -
Jodi Lipton -
Pamela Windheim -
Rina Wolff -
Joy Bodin -
Felice Schor -
Adine Olan -
a music box
a band aid
a friend for Chi Chi
a pair of water skis
a full time maid
a path to the red fence
a new outfit for Timidy
Sharon Druckman -
Helene Escava -

Dawn Gamsin -
Andrea Leighton -

Eileen Liebman -
Karen Slone -
Allison Stone -

Robin Tarnofsky -
a full length mirror to admire herself in
a real birthday cake for Ellie the elephant and a mountain of cream cheese
food glorious food, meow!
her own garden of lettuce and tomato sandwiches
lots and lots of people to hug and kiss her
a radio to call her very own
a bed in the infirmary and one full week of overnights
a p.a. system, a clothes color chart
Shari Novek -
Shari Spector -
Rena Bitter -

Marcie Rosner -
Shari Mirojnick -
Lisa Goldfarb -

Suzanne Rosen -
LuAnne Orons -
Melissa McTague -

To the bunk -
a wah-wah paddle, a cousin that loves her
Bunk 10, a newspaper
a smile, pair of shorts, Shari Mirojnick, combed hair
mouth that talks, combed hair
a boy friend, love and affection, deb teen privileges
Matty, deb teen privileges
Adam, trampoline
5 more weeks at camp, the infirmary, day off
a summer without packages and canteen, 10 lessons in sex education