Jon Foster -

Neil Eichner -

Bruce Saber -

Jeff Stranger -

Ron Turner -

Mario Menda -
"Mr. Clean" of the year award, the seal of approval from Good Housekeeping
A Jane Rosenberg doll, a voodoo doll of A.F.
A Jane Rosenberg doll, a picture of George Washington crossing the Delaware, a gold plated Ranger bench
a comb, a yes doll, a camp without M & D
A bunk on top of Mt. Cathalia, a manual of how to be an O.B.
the stern end of an ice berg, a pair of platform shoes, a Cubaian-American dictionary
Steve Schwam -

Marc Leff -

Joe Adler -

Scott Reimer -
Mickey Markoff -

Barry Masek -

Bennett Windheim -

Howie Korder -

Ed Berman -

Perry Rindenow -

Jim Teperberg -

Ron Tauscher -

Jon Cohen -
Robert Kole -

Charlton Delman -

Richie Klein -

Steve Linn -

Rich Berman -

Jeff Mutterperl -

Don Schwartz -

To the waiters -
medicine chest, a lung machine, a gin game, a Perry Rindenow award, when I was 8, a cover up for his sister, a pervert, a tucking in
a clean sheet, a shower, "Dead" music, a tennis match he can win, J.T., the pass around pack, personality
a mind, Lojo, a Tara-dash, a trip around the lake, a knee, Queen, Hoopie, a girlfriend in Staten Island
a cast iron bed, a 26.50 nose job
rematch against Jim Teperberg, his own waiter, someone willing to listen to him
a sister, a date with Jill Cohen, a card game
1956, a lifetime supply of pomade, a muffler for his sleep
His brothers athletic abilities, RED any good books lately, midnight shower, Froda
a girlfriend, a Perry Rindenow doll, a muzzle for his mouth, waiting lessons from his brother
Kraut, Coco's stare, a pack of Bozo Roll Call, Tauschers spot on the waiters team, a Edie Berman doll
Baby fat, Sol's job, Ernie, CITS and Aide, a big tip
a joke he can tell right, a 1 on 1 game, the minds of Ranger - B.W., L.C., a friend, starting position on Dwight York
Coco, Ace of Spades, Stare
New Rochelle, Reincarnation, a winning hand in cards, a pair of glasses, Rubkole
Noodleman, a friend who doesn't want to use his car, a pack of Newport, a tip from Miles, a dirty magazine, a 19 year old friend
The big T, a friendly sister, a lube job by the mechanic, a girlfriend who talks back, a body building course, a diet, a day of work
a day of work, cadats wardrobe, a laugh, a butt, a $5.00 fine
S.S. on R.B., an ego, lessons in Punchball, BWLT, a liver remembrance of J.R., friends in guest dining room, get down
crutches, a solid, true love, a love bracelet, S.S. on the rocks, a weeks pay, a letter from mommy, fight with R.K.
a game in which he doesn't foul out, his brothers brain, a night without a fight with S.E., BIL, a zit kit for his back
Suzy S, WATUNDABERRY, Roll call, Pocono Ramona next year, E.G.