Larry Ramerez -

Elliot Schwartz -

Mitch Weitzner -

Lenny Weinstein -
6 socks turn to 12, a sake n bake move, the ability to put the ball in the basket once he gets there, a complete KSA uniform, a girl grey general, Janet's dad
coordination, tournament practice, a b ball game without fouling out, a shooting range up to 2 feet, a big brother he looks down at, Jungle Boogie
a special delivery from Greg, a knuckle sandwich, more color war "B" games, the infirmary every day, turkey roll and chicken
a bottle of fire water, some comfort from the South, a nocturnal partner, a soft floor at Dalmaqua, 2 lucky C.W. goals
Gary -

Russell -

Joey -

Louie -
Isaac -
Kenny -

Stephen -

To the bunk -
a win at Brookwood, Louie, Sol's bed, another sport besides tennis
the other cheek, 4 more inches, today Brookwood, tomorrow Wimbledon
veal parmigiana, a spare rib, Bunk 21, CITS and Rhonda and Judy, T.V., a raid, the hot corner
a new body, a new girl, a friend, pajamas
raids, Marie, 4 more weeks
go karts, Eastman Kodak, gas, Isacala, a new tape deck
streaking, 51 points, Terrier, 1 hook, Sheila
Pizza, raids, grateful Dead, T.V., new windows
Rob Eiss -

Art Nahan -

Brad Perlow -

Cleve Christie -

Steve Weinstein -

Gregg Weitzner -

David Kaplan -

Bob Appenzeller -
lots of nerve, a starting j.v. position, plexiglass, 2 Fugis, Desenex, the plumbers union, a haircut
"Seymour, Mahah, Art Bench, Thurman Nahan", an atomical lesson, Uncle Hevie, a salamon sandwich, Louis Feldstein to dribble the ball, a fairy godmother
clean plate club, electric broom, a chipmunk, toilet paper, Felix Unger, processed hair, short pajamas
a hoop league team of his own, the ability to palm whatever, It takes 2 hands to handle the whopper, hydraulic lifts in his shoes, Kutshers Field House
Dr. Schnozz, double figures, only he really nose, a playoff, please, another hockey draft
"Oh my Greggy", co-ed color war so he can play with his friends, boxing lessons from Mitch, more younger brothers, a place in the Rocket's pocket, a shower, please
directions to bunk 21, Charlie the Tuna, a sense of humor, a muzzle, table manners
a right handed lay-up, a big man, moves at the fence like he has on the court, a bed of his own, somebody to rub it when there is no ice, his own piece of little candy, an M.F.
Harvey Mutterperl -

Paul Haskin -

Andy Forman -
"A lazy boy" chair for 1 1/2, a permanent shift at 1 1/2
a punching bag, A new "Head", directions for hitching to Ranger
a gold plated "Fruit of teh Loom" underwear