Robert Baker

Robert Beiber

Richie Dukas

Steve Gruenstein

Ken Goldstein

Mike Silverstein

Jon Slone

Richie Waxman
(Home Run)- Hold "hot wheels" to 10 points, get Alex to jump, short center field for the rest of his life and 42 points
(Biebo-Biebo)- eating lessons, eternity with Louis Feldstein, a roll of toilet paper, an office boy job next year, a brother who stars for the waiter B Ball team, a successful raid
(Jerry)-"I'm open, I'm open", the mad bomber, a bunk that understands him, a month of sweep, a seat in the Teaneck Chamber of Commerce
(Gruey)-"I'm an architect", tape, a 2 month stay in the infirmary, his own Kawasaki 9000
(Golden Boy)- the Caldwell Magician, chocolate, a go-go dance on the rafters, a real English accent, a 4th quarter Basketball team
(Bird Man)- Bike riding lessons, bird wings, senior Life Saving, a winter with Richie Waxman
(Pistache)-a dry night, Slonie of his ownie, the words to Johnny B. Goode, a girl that is a dancer, a new set of knees for hockey, action in Parsippany
(Hot Lips)- 1974 Wax Burning, another American Graffiti Tape, a girl as big as Roberts, swimming lessons, a winter with Mike Silverstein
Dana Sheer -

Gary Gabelman -

Jay Welfeld -

Bobby Siegel -

Alan Margolis -

Peter Levy -

Jeff Silverman -

Steve Biegelson -

To the bunk -
a bigger man, Alan, church fish, a good house keeping seal, Mobey
a bigger sparing, an older brother who looks it
Kim, where?, more magazines, Marci, a strong right arm
oil for his squeak, new laundry service, girls side
"sugarbear", Munchinks, golden gloves champ, Dana, Midnight Rambler
trip to California, you got to have faith, more playing time, Bobby
Big sister and little sister, Ranger Invitational, a new person to imitate, nickname champion, a strat-o-matic crown
racing form, 24 hour smile, a talk box, Lynne's love letters
Pizza, a major award
David Cutler -

David Druckman -

Howie Haber -

Mark Klugman -

Dean Rubine -
a clinic, the ability to fill his white shoes, tooth paste and brush, at last a tournament, a bicasso
a starting berth on the senior A team, "Ho ho that's funny", a b ball court with only a right side, a Pearl of a brother in law, the Indian death lock, ten assists, "I'm the best and nobody gets better than me", Pete Stone to tell him how good he is
a wettle, "no way baby", a jump shot or maybe just a jump
a bank shot, a direct pipe line from his plate to his mouth, his own Exorcist, a player position at Brookwood
a "How to invent book", a chance to meet Mr. Wizard on T.V., a phone call every day, a Camp Ranger Science Fair