Gary Simon -

Matty Finklestein -
Richie Dukas for steal the flag, a counselor he can beat up, direction on how to use a pillow case, motivation, box of scooter pies, the Bomber division as his kingdom
Muggs, speedy Gonzalez, Suzanne in 75, Billy the Kid, practice on the open net, Nightmares of Birnbaum
Jeff Lipton -

Joe Blum -

Fred Leighton -

Scott Gottdeiner -

Bill Shilkoff -

Steven Chinsky -

David Karp -

Cliff Rucker -
two right arms, a muzzle, a clock and a whistle, lighting direction on Broadway
Lower Senior batting crown, fielding lessons at 1st base
Scott, a winning hockey team, another M.V.P. award
Fred, a summer without a grandmother, a younger brother
ventriloquist, Motor Cycle lessons, a bed away from the bathroom
office log of the year, some more drum lessons, clean cubbies, a full laundry bag, more freckles
High jump lesson, a cap that doesn't fall off
Sneaker laces that tie themselves, a new attitude, straight hair, 4 pairs of socks, a pair of Adidas superstars, a scholarship to Ohio State, a game 5'4" center, a shower with soap, a chance play of full game of basketball for Providence, all around swimmer, tape
Cary Moelis -

Brad Weitzner -
Marc Caroff -

Aarow Weber -
Jim Minolio -
Greg Palmerini -
David Myles -
a new bunk, Myles, M.S. & V.M., but not together
a tractor, a impressionist
E.S. sideways sort of, Glen Lamon, more tennis balls, Irving
the basic web, a new laugh
the 1st half of the summer, Marc Caroff
Palmo's Pizza, to meet S.S. on a raid
new clothes, a scrub brush and scrubber, S.T., toothbrush
Jeff Glick -

Alex Best -

Mark Barashick -

Neil Federer -

Gavin Christie -

Andy Feldman -

Wayne Olan -

Steve Tesch -

Steve Feldman -
Mike Berman -
midnight counselor show, a brother in another camp, Gump, Shalom winter skiing lessons, no more tangles
sterilized room, an "off my bed recording", an ortho of his bed
a punching bag, someone to play in tennis, pair of sweats, a years supply of penthouse
a sister who'll pay for black and whites, no knock knees, a cassette radio of his own, a Sha-na-na concert, his own T shirts
a maid, an alarm clock, a day without being last, 4 inches
"a mamas ____", blanket of his own, an honorary 2 ccc membership
Dad's laundry, "stay clear", skin, a sister who lets him eat in peace
a winning basketball team, the triple crown, an evil side
assists in hockey, a day glow night house
an eating hat, an intellectual conversation, less popular brothers, cheeks of his own, Kosher cup a soup