Jon -
Adam -
Scott -
"Paradise", 1/2 Laker, the rest of his lines
Muhammud Ali-"Be a Clown", tuffff, Ron
the other 1/2 summer, Bunk 8 counselors
J. Fruchtman -

G. Shuster -

M. Leib -
Todd German -
Wayne Firsty -
R. Spiro-

L. Tesch -

A. Stanger -

To the Bunk -
candy, Fruchter, Geraldo, Shari, a counselor meeting on his bed, midnight conversation, a group leader brother in law
pet sounds, a wool Ranger hat, a new head band, noise
a lanyard, mad dog, a tear, first love
Marc, the fence, on bed off the bathroom
Benny, Alfalfa, Swayno, P.R., Debbie
Karen, Visine, a yellow cap, good as gold, baseball stats
Baron Tushy von Jesch, confidence, a tennis racket, newspaper
a maid, Bunk 13, jock, Luanne, "mess you up", a night with Jane P.
From the 2 best counselors to the best bunk, we leave you love.
Jay Weingarten -

Gary Mann -

Steve Palmerini -
Marc Lipton -

Bruce Katzen -

Fred Harran -
a tape recorder, Gary Mann, a good chess game, Weekly Reader
snorkel and fins, a year at camp without Jay, Camp Kewanee, a feast
Jim Bob, Pom-Pom, Corgi cars, Ellen
a nice cousin, a sailboat made in A & C, sissy
a real stomach ache, Steve Lichtman, package from home, the Munchkins, letters home
Wendy, Alberto and Brian, no temper, a best friend named Bruce
Kenny Rudas -

Robert Glick -

Steve Lichtman -

Bryan Block -
Dave Pushkin -

Jay Tall -

To the Bunk -
a snake, P.R., ping pong ball, a tennis court, 62 1/2 cents a week, less food, a moldy piece of cheese
a clean bed, Glicksy, a wise guy smile, his brothers personality, a big part in the play
a shofar, a package, some more weight, only 54 lbs., pistachio nuts, fly paper, (you hocked my _______.)
a million dollars, a crane, a snore, a sweep
girls, girls, girls, the Jets at Hofstra, stolen food, Shari Novek
Jay William Quigley Tall, tool for intelligence, an unmade bed
sometimes sloppy, sometimes lazy, but for Bryan and Mike to change bunks they must be crazy
Lee Goldberg -

Brad Roth -

Barry Birnbaum -

Matty Barkoff -
a voice, a basketball no one borrows, a chatter box, doubles on soup, a quiet sleep
Bones, a Charles Atlas body building set, "Get out of my cubby, Eric"
Bernard, Fragile, Handle with care, Glass man, Mr. Plastic, Shatter, the Bomber Vezina Trophy, Seven seconds till tears, Armond LaFong
A clean bed, speed, under, a ham, an older girlfriend, a nose without a scab, continuing personality, Deb