Mike Netsky -

Scott Goldfarb -

Gerald Cohen -

Scott Mehl -

Howie Lederman -
Todd Streichler-

K. Geiger -
Adam Gross-
napkins, roller skates, a birthday Aunt Carol will remember, boots, "I didn't do it"
"Leave me alone, leave me alone", real tears, Mike Netsky, race cars
a turkey, night crawlers, password game, lessons in silence
giggle, sand in his bed, normal mattress, Kevin Geiger
roller skates, banquet meal, totes, a tuba
fishing rod, S.S., his own letter, his own battles to defend
S.M., broom, A BIG tooth, his hat
Tackle box, pillow to hit S.G. with, larger shoe bag
Jon -

Phil -
Steve -
Jose -

Todd -

Robert -

Jeff -
Stew -

David -
hard boiled eggs without yolks, turkey roll with mustard, " I hate you"
Ranger hat, a bed next to Dave
a chemical light, lazy day-every day
Leche, a brother in camp - a counselor that speaks good Spanish
his way, Jackie, the infirmary, a package, the toymaker, a maid
"He did it, not me", a peaceful day, Stacey, Jeff L.
his brother, Roberts girl, a pitch, Robert
Aunt Carol, a peaceful meal, Froot Loop bird call
the Old Bamboo, a spotlight, a bigger laundry bag
Barry Hersh -

Steven Streichler-

Miguel Nogueras -
John Palmerini -

Mitchell Seidman -

Richard Karp -

Scott Merell -

David Gold -
Hershey Bar, slave of the week, "But Paul, she loves me", made in New Jersey
Strickler, Bob's hand on his head during the prayer before every meal, a little modesty
a leash, a Spanish comic book, el shecese
Italian Salami, a knife as a Christmas present, 2 brothers who don't have the same exact shirts as him
David Gold's autographed picture in a 14 karat gold frame, a planted back foot when he's at bat, king of the hill award
a brother who doesn't steal candy from him, 1st base all to himself
M.O.T.W., Mr. Schigel, Petuna, Kung Fu, Bob, Oh Bob
A handkerchief during Rugby, leader of the bunk award, a secret punch for a Scott Goldfarb during lunch
David -

Steven -

Jeff -

Walley -
Emillo -
a succulent chocolate chip cookie, a candy gram, a private telephone in the office, a "censore" bureau, a streak a F.B.G.L.
mail before lunch, packages with buttons, candy "not for the division", A & C
guitar lessons, a fish on his hook, "Be a Clown"
Boxing gloves, punching bag, "chew harder"
a maid, butler and servant, a clam, up at first call