Friday night services where we all learned something we just didn't realize before: the Counselor concerts that literally shook the Rec Hall with that great counselor group: the Gold Rush and how much fun we all had looking for Gold: the final proms with a live band "Rocknose" from the Concord Hotel: A great dramatic program which this year included "Bye Bye Birdie", "Can-Can", Chitty Chitty Bang Bang", "Carnival", "Guys and Dolls", A "That's Entertainment"; the counselor show "Bells Are Ringing" played with such professionalism and dedication to the joy of everybody and the big show 'Applause" which received a great ovation by all: the most fun filled and exciting color war started by that lonely air-plane dropping leaflets and ending with an exciting, memorable sing and the 4 new plaques which now our dining room walls: the relaxed and slow paced "Lazy Day" which followed our Color War and came right at the right moment: the Ranger Cup and tournament tennis competition with awards and trophies for the winners which was so exciting and well played: the breathless excitement of the "Announcement of Awards and Ranger Memory Night" where slides of this years activities were shown... a great night! Finally, we had the 49th annual Banquet followed by literal tears of joy and sadness for the finish of the beautiful and meaningful summer of "74".
To all of you- our campers and staff we thank you and bid a fond farewell. We know that the friendships made here at Camp Ranger this season as well as the past will continue for many years to come and will be a bright and important part of your lives.
We are looking forward to the great pleasure of seeing all of you again at our annual Reunion which will be held on Sunday afternoon, January 19, 1975 in the Terrace Ball Room of the Statler Hilton Hotel in New York City. We look forward to again having the pleasure of having you back with us at Ranger in 1975.