You'll hear the thunder
It really turns me on- du da du du
No more troubles to bury me under
It really turns me on
My friend he was a dumbbell
My friend he was a fool
Today he got a Gray Chevrolet
Now the kids all say he's cool, the kids in school
My old man says I'm crazy
These cars are just a fad
But the plush inside and the silky smooth ride
Are things I never had, just never had
When you've only got $22.00
And just turned 17
You replace loneliness with happiness
Believing in your dreams, a Chevy dream
Berry owns a Chevy, oo ah Didley owns a Chevy oo, ah
Elvis owns a Chevy oo, ah
Right now in the year 56
The Vice President whose all full of tricks
Has ordered one just like Doris Day
The are all craving for the Gray Chevrolet

(tune: Silent Night)

Travelers of Time, conquering all
All is done we'll always be one
Sportsmanship just like brotherly love
Strength of bulls but with hearts of love
We have true victory, spirits are high and we're free

SPOKEN: Yes we're the travelers of time. Time takes its course and we just follow its path. We've learned from such moments of history as the Crusades, the discovery of the new world, the birth of America and the conquest of space. Now, we find ourselves in the midst of political corruption. We are proud, though, of our heritage for it gives us the strength we need to weed out the evils that lay before us in the time ahead. We do not want to change the entire future, we just want to better it and live it. We are not afraid for whatever lays ahead is not to great for us. We do pledge to fight for all good things for as long as we live.
As we bring Olympiad 74 to an end, so nears the end of another camp season. With that we leave behind the bunks and courts, but we do have the fond memories of an exciting and enriched summer. We hold so dear the friendships we have found here. We will treasure this forever. To Jerry and Judy and most of all to Bob, Thank you. And to all of you we bid goodnight.