(tune: Teenager in Love)

The 1950's had their moments
Now we've a taste of them
And we are the children's children
Of the one's who lived back then

As we cruise down life's twisted road
Our Chevy shelters us from evils unknown

Now we've heard songs that Elvis sang
and the songs of Berry too
Telling of forgotten laughter
Innocence we never knew
Time is so strange
our morals rearranged
Lives we've lived in black and white
Now all change to colors overnight
If Buddy Holly hears us now
If he's watching from above
Listen Buddy we pay tribute
To your songs we'll always love
Now in our age of vast awareness
Everyone knows everything
No more Chevies to protect us
Against what the future brings
And as we cruise down life's twisted road
A deep awakening will symbolize our load
Time is so strange
Our morals rearranged
Lives we've lived in black and white
Change to color overnight
Grey Chevrolet is parked forever
Soon to be a monument
Shinning on for generations
All the things Gray represents
Chorus 2x

(tune: Tradition and Baby Driver)

A Chevy, a Chevy, the color of Gray (2x)
My daddy owns a 35 Lincoln
That grandpa handed down
All I know is when it comes to me
I'm gonna throw it out, throw it out
A Lincoln is really stinkin
And no one digs a Ford
Only one real automobile that's
sanctioned by the Lord by the Lord
Chorus: Gray Chevy is my best friend
And man what a set of wheels
I'll hit the road and be gone