(tune: Tsena Tsena)

Gray team marching down the field
To beat the foe and never yield
Our banner's waving high high high high
Onward onward all together

Striving to our victory
Never let our spirit die
Gray team we will rally round each other
Each man fighting to defend the color
As we sing we hear our voices ring
Gray team we will win the day
Toyland members fight with all our power
Red's get ready, this will be our winning hour
Toyland members let us march together
Gray will reign on Ranger Camp forever.

It was Sunday, August 19, Carnival Day at Ranger and a festive mood was in the air. The Carnival had ended and everyone had gathered behind 1 1/2 for refreshments. The air was filled with the sound of a low flyer's plane. Everyone expected Perlstein to parachute out of it, but down came the color war booklets and the Olympiad was ready to begin.
The Grey team was led by general Mitch Benson with Lt. Larry and coordinator Larry Chasin there to aide him. The Red team's leader was Elliot Kallick, It's Lt. Neal Barkoff and coordinator Jack Schnitt.
The Grey chose as it's name Chevrolet and decided it's theme as a takeoff of the 50's. The Red team declared itself the Traveler's of Time although the theme presentations were not until Tuesday eve. After the first nite Rope Burning and Tug of War, Red led slightly. However, Grey, swept the next 2 days activities and took over the lead. Red fought back and swept day 3 but the lead was too large and time too short.
The color war was praised by all as being run to perfection. Spirit and competitiveness were but sportsmanship and cooperation prevailed and everyone enjoyed a great time.