The Red's are one of those magical mystical teams
The Red's are ready to strive by miracular means
For we are ready today with our heads held up high
And we will win it with valor for victories high
Some friends are new and some old
But we'll let it be known
We've got the power to let it unfold
So here we come marching right up this way
So come on and beat the gray


(tune: Comedy tonight)

We are the best one there is no question
Come on Red Circus let your victory be known
It is our custom, take teams and bust them
For only upward is the way we can go
Red's are the best, this is no jest
We will win it over the rest
Reds will be on top, there is no question
Come on Red Circus, let our victory be known


(tune: My Way)

As camp draws to an end
Our memories stay with us forever
And now with hearts so true
We are so sad that it's all over
Regrets to say good-bye remain with us forever
But now as tears evive we must leave Ranger
As Red and Gray were placed apart
But as we knew right from the start
Our camper friends both new and old
Will last us through the winter snow
Fond memories left within our hearts will stay forever

So let us pledge right here and now
No matter what, no matter how
We'll meet again at camp next year
Our home is Ranger.