The experience of color war effects people differently. We are
proud to say that the members of the Red Circus were enthusiastic about each activity. They enjoyed the competition that color war brings. Even when they were losing, they tried their best and never lost their true Ranger spirit. We found that The Red Circus stressed sportsmanship and spirit above all.
Everyone cooperated to the fullest extent. We hope you all enjoyed color war "74" as much as we did. Our thanks goes to all the members of Red Circus "74" on a job well done.
To all of Camp Ranger, we wish a healthy, happy, and prosperous
life. See you next summer.

Bonnie Epstein
Debbie Tunick

(tune: Corner of the Sky)

We've all matured and grown up
In such a short short time
Now a new horizon calls on us to come and find
Each of our own memories, paths yet to unwind
Deep in our hearts we feel it's not yet time to go

CHORUS- Our memories will always linger
Our friendships will live on and on
And with this knowledge we'll have the strength to carry on
Gotta find our places in the sun

Each of us has a bright star waiting to be caught
The road ahead is long with many lessons to be taught
With courage and ambition, we'll strive to reach our goal
Supported by our sense of pride, seen in our stride


The sadness brought by parting while saying our farewells
We won't forget the fun at Ranger that we know so well
The laughter that was always there, the games that were played
Deep in our hearts we feel it's not yet time to go