Camp is a miniature community. Just as religion is based on a plays a part in most communities, I think it should enter into camp life. It is for this reason that a little bit of religion is brought to us every week in our Sabbath Services.
There are two aspects to this religious feeling; an emotional one and an intellectual one. The emotional aspect has been fulfilled by the enjoyment we've obtained from singing the songs and hymns, such as "Rise and Shine" and "Sabbath Prayer."
The intellectual aspect has been fulfilled by our weekly sermon. Each week a different theme was brought out to us. Just sit back and think of them. Some of them talked about learning from one another and living together, others about the love of man. Those sermons were brought to us in order for us to learn about life. I sincerely hope that we did and that we use those thoughts in the years to come. Thank you.

Joe Turner

This year horseback riding has been fun. Everyday except Sat and Sun. we go horseback riding.
We go to Pine Creek riding stables. When we get there we're put on horses. In Pine Creek Stables, they have ratings. The ratings are as follows: "A" - you've ridden before many times and the horses know you're the boss, "B"- You've ridden several times and can ride the horse, "C"- You've ridden once or twice and can sit and trot on a horse without getting nervous, "D" -You've never ridden a horse and get nervous when you're on a horse. Those are the ratings.
Then you go on the trail. There are two rides, the slow ride and the fast ride. The slow ride walks and trots. The fast ride trots and Gallops. After we ride, we walk our horses back and tie them up.