Yes folks, it was another good year for waterskiing! This year through the instructors ingenuity we were the talk of White Lake-one of the only boats to pull triple waterskiers. Other splendid, dazzling, mind-boggling tricks accomplished by our water skiers were no handed and skiing doubles. Still more skills learned by our waterskiers included crossing the wakes, jumping the wakes, squatting on skis and going slalom skiing.
Now it is time to present the 32 annual Hunter-Koningsberg Waterskiing Awards. The funniest skier (also the most courageous) Andy Forman. The most improved skier: Marc Lipton and Debbie Netsky. Honorable mention: Jeff Glick, Lisa Goldfarb, Sheryl Newman, Miguel Nogueror, Brad Perlow, Lisa Rudes and Glenn Schuster.

The skier who tried the most to succeed: Jay Weingarten
Honorable mention: Shari Novak
The best tripler: Scott Gottdiener, Brad Perlow and Jeff Glick
The best no-handed skier: Scot Gottdiener
Honorable mention: Wayne Firsty
Youngest person to try waterskiing: Michael Netsky
The best spotter: Brad Berlow and Elaine Bieber
The best aide in charge: Patti Tall
Honorable mention: Joan Windman
The group that wanted to go the most but couldn't: Lower Seniors
The skiers who bought the most at Newmans: Debbie Netsky and Lisa Rudes
Our favorite instructors-Billy Hutner
Honorable mention-David Koningsberg
Our favorite waterskiers: all who tried to ski
Person who wanted name in the article the most: Elliot Kalick (for his attempt at skiing)

Yes folks, that wraps up another year of waterskiing at Camp Ranger. We wish everyone a happy and healthy winter and look forward to seeing you waterskiing in the summer of '75.

With happiness
Billy and David