If one looks carefully, he can see the isolated sadness of certain leaves commencing to turn the autumn color. We begin to perceive that the rays of the sun no longer, has the warmth that felt so good just a few weeks ago. The mornings and evenings have an invigorating briskness That are harbingers of days to come. All of these things tell us that the summer is about over and it becomes our sad task to say "farewell" to the children and staff of Ranger with whom we have lived so happily these past eight weeks.
We approach this task with a keen sense of both sadness and joy - the tangible and intangible aspects.

We are sad because in a few short days we no longer will have the happiness of hearing the lilting, exciting voices of children in their play and fun; we no longer will the happiness of seeing happy children moving quickly over the campus in the free and delightful way that children can move. We will hear and see these things but only in our mind's eye.

However, we are most happy and grateful for many many things this past summer. Not only have you learned to paddle a canoe, conquer a mountain, negotiate a challenging rapid, develop your forehand, perfect your crawl stroke, improve your basketball shot, how to properly field a ball, etc, but you haves learned the most important ability of all- that is learning the "art" of living with other people.

We have had great satisfaction in witnessing the evolution of some campers from anxious almost self centered individuals to relaxed people interested and concerned with other's and gaining great satisfaction from that concern and interest. We have personally seen the startling growth of campers into people who we know are on their way to being true human beings in the highest sense of that word. For all of that we are most grateful.

As we review the season of "74", the vast panorama of our most diversified and fun-filled program flash through our minds: the captivating 4th of July Show put together so professionally by Barry Kaplan: water skiing; sailing over beautiful Silver Lake under a bright blue summer sky, horseback riding,: the challenging canoe trips down the Delaware River with the sleep-outs and cook-cuts, that accompanied them,: the exciting and invigorating mountain climbs and sleep outs at Mount Cathelia culminating in the one day climb of Slide Mountain some 4,000 feet above sea level, where the campers saw the most breath-taking views in this part of the country; the great inter camp games this year with Camp Ranger coming back victorious in a most consistent manner: the tennis tournaments where our campers played with such courage and displayed to all the results of hard work and great instruction: the swimming meets where our campers did so well with both pride and dignity. We remember the great weekly ice-skating and bowling nights which are such great fun: the outdoor picnics at Beaverkill and the concerts that followed: the fun circus and carnival which raised $500.00 for the U.J.A. for the 29th consecutive year: the exciting trips to the Catskill Game Farm, and the rock collecting program at Mount Cathelia where the children found so many different type rocks and learned the history of each rock from Bob: the exciting bicycle trips breezing along over the quiet country roads... what can compete with coasting down a long hill with the warm wind blowing at your face: the weekly movies: the delicious "Sundae on Sunday" treats: the great outdoor barbecues and lawn suppers: the inspiring