"Does it Hurt? Good!" These words, heard time and time again, have served as a source of encouragement to many enthusiastic Ranger gymnast this summer. The sport of gymnastics require the use of different muscles than does most other sports, so the accomplishments of any gymnastic stunts not achieved w/out a degree of pain. Because gymnastics is a whole new experience to many girls at camp this summer. The learning of any stunt did not come easy. The often heart squeal "I can't do it, I'm not coordinated!" is usually followed by the squealers successful performance of the stunt surprising herself even more than her friends.
The girls started with very basic stunts such as forward and backward rolls and headstands, and progressed to splits, backbends, cartwheels, roundoffs and handsprings. Mimic tumbling is something beginners through more advanced gymnasts have learned this summer. It consists of people working in pairs, performing identical stunts side by side. This has been successfully accomplished (looking from the front, it should appear as if one person is doing the stunt) with rolls and cartwheels. Timing and the constant watching of the other is necessary to insure that their motions are synchronized.
Ranger has also acquired a balance beam this year. Set 1 1/2 ft. off the ground, it nevertheless presents a great challenge to those who thought it simple to perform on the beam is only 3 1/2" wide, and people soon realized that just walking across it to the end (without falling off) was a feat in itself. Novice begins with walks and turns. Melanie Fructman, Laurane have all progressed to the more advanced stunts of performing a cartwheel on the beam. This requires virtually perfect control over their body's motions.

The trampoline remained a main source of attraction. Emphasis this year has been on "controlled height". Here again campers have begun with simple jumping and stopping and advancing to such stunts as swivel hips, front and back drops, knee flips and full flips. With each stunt new muscles have been discovered with the increased difficulty of stunts performed came the increased use of Ben-gay.
The campers have been exposed to at least a basic foundation in the field of gymnastics, and I hope they will continue to sweat, suffer, and strain to achieve the satisfaction and sense of well-being that is an integral part of the discipline of gymnastics.

Barbara Leeds