Ranger, Lisa was a delightful asset to our waterfront program. Bunk 15 also seemed to enjoy an eventful sailing summer. Rowing found popularity this summer, especially with Bunks 6, 7 and 8. Some of them, hardly knowing their left from right, can now capably steer their direction in rowboats. And of course, canoeing is the all-time favorite at Ranger. Bunks 9 and 10 took a short voyage around the lake for breakfast one morning, and discovered that Cocoa Krispies really do taste better on the other side! And the senior and supersenior girls did their bump and grind down the Delaware's rocky rapids on five separate canoe trips this summer each of which proved to be a challenging and exciting experience. Finally, our program was rounded out by the acquisition of a yellow banana-shaped thing, the girls soon learned was a Kayak. Its use was perpetuated by a "try it, you'll like it!" sort of contagion among the senior girls. Go, Melanie!

Lastly, I should like to spread around a few thank-you's for the valuable assistance I have received this summer. Special thanks to Howie Arrick, the joy boy of the Delaware canoe game. Special thanks to Dave Drimmer and Dave Koningsberg for their unfortunately fleeting but helpful hands in sailing. Special thanks to the general counselors who put up with Inter madness, deb-teen delirium, and senior insanity during general swims, and taught them to live with horrendous terms like extension and parallel. Special thanks to Joyce Rosen, my assigned aide, a fine, conscientious, thoughtful young lady who functioned as my faithful right arm all summer. And an extra special thanks to all the campers of Camp Ranger who made the summer of '74, one I'll never forget -

To all of you, a wonderful winter and a successful school year -

Fondly, J.J.