While I was still learning the Sheris from the Sharis from the Charris, the beginning of the camp season brought twelve days of glorious sunshine and ninety-degree heat. And in keeping with our
state's liberal abortion Policies, Eagle Siegel, in the forefront of the battle for reform often aborted the fifth activity allowing campers to enjoy a full afternoon of fun by the lake. The season proceeded with a minimum of "no-swim" days, and many campers discovered that they could also learn much while enjoying themselves at the water. I feel proud to know that almost all the girls who came to Ranger as non-swimmers can now feel comfortable in deep water, and many girls with little or no previous instruction and meager dog paddles, now have competent breast strokes, side strokes and back crawls. Most of our younger campers progressed quickly through the beginner and advanced beginner skills, with an additional 25 campers earning their Intermediate cards, and close to 40 earning Swimmer cards for their
summer's effort. We can also boast a sizable number of Junior and Senior Lifesavers, who have learned valuable lessons in water safety and might someday prove to be responsible for the safety of camp waterfronts, maybe even here at Ranger. Highlights of camper achievement in swimming and lifesaving include: Jennifer Herman, to whom we credit the invention of the Hollywood sidestroke and the upside-down dive; Sharon Tarnofsky, who learned the significance of a front head hold both at the waterfront and at the red fence; Stephanie "Snoopy" Stone, who perfected the dog paddle complete with barking; and Sherri Olan, who excited us all with her tired swimmer carry.

1974 brought new ideas to the girls' waterfront. More popular than swimming, sailing, and surfing combined, was hair washing in the crystal-clear waters of Silver Lake. Girls switched from Johnson's Baby Shampoo and Herbal Essence to Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Soap and Amino Pon Shampoo. Even the Inters added the word "biodegradable" to their vocabulary. Aquatic games entered the waterfront program as coordinated seniors learned their lameness in water volleyball, deb-teens enjoyed the exhaustion of water throwball, and Inters found new fun in water - newcomb. Additionally, a few bold ladies bravely bared their bods to thrill in the pleasures of skinny-dipping. Where were you then, Ma-Ho-Ge motorboat?

About halfway through the summer season, Camp Omega invited us to lose at their first annual invitational swim meet. Well we showed them. Competing for the Inters - Lisa Rudes and Shari Novek; for the deb-teens - Debbie Firsty, Elaine Bieber, Marcy Spiegelman, Diane Manolia, and Sharon Lederman; and for the seniors Leslie Rudes, Nancy Salman, and Mindy Schuster. All the girls turned in excellent performances and despite the strangeness of the new pool and Omega's total confusion, disorganization, and poor decorum, I was enormously proud that our girls exhibited exceptionally fine sportsmanship, unmatched by any other camp attending the meet. The final standings - Ranger an outstanding third in a field of a tough six. By the way, Omega turned in a poor fifth - a deserved embarrassment.

On the boating scene, Ranger girls fared extremely well this summer. Special thanks to Lisa Goldfarb, who, imbued with the excitement of sailing and the know-how of handling the sails, taught many other girls to share that same enjoyment with her. One of the youngest instructors ever at