Overnight canoe trips, The Omega Swim Meet. Munchkin water polo, scuba demonstrations - Waterfront did not just mean swimming to many of us.
This summer we learned things like: you don't catch a sunfish with a hook, you sail a sunfish; a kayak isn't something you eat along with a bagel and cream cheese; and Dr. Brenner is not Marcus Welby's assistant.

General Bathing Hour frequently turned into a revealing activity for Munchkins and Bombers. Led by their fearless counselors some seniors were known to have braved the waters of Silver Lake as often as two times a day. And who can forget the day the boys camp actually counted off from 1 to 20 without even forgetting their buddy numbers.
Beyond fun and safety at the waterfront comes one other meaningful thing. Growth. The development of a struggling oddity in the water into something that can enthusiastically be called a swimmer, or the change in a child that takes place as his fear of the water is changed to a love. This is the thing that brings us back for still another summer at Ranger.