superstar. He is 12 years old who can match strokes with almost any player in camp. Three years ago Gary didn't even know whether he was a rightly or a lefty.
These are only 4 examples of campers who were turned into tennis players at Ranger.
Ranger had another winning year in its Intercamp schedule. After an early season loss to Sequia, we quickly took the measures of camp, Olympus, Tagola, Westwood, and Kutchers. These wins were spearheaded by the likes of Gary Simon, Richie Dukas, Cleve Christie, Mark Klugman, and the Brookwood 8. Brookwood of course is the tournament of the year. This is an eight camp tournament which Ranger had won for 2 years in a row. This year, although ranger didn't win, we made a spirit defense and finished a close second. To be specifically commended are the team of Russel Kroul and Elliot Schwartz the junior doubles champions. This was E. Schwartz 2nd Brookwood win in as many years. Also to congratulated are senior doubles finalists Bobby Appenzeller & captain Greg Weitzner. Both of these men won Brookwood crowns last year. Paul Haskin, Gary Gottiner, & Howard Haber and David Druckman all had fine performances as well.
Tennis is a wonderful sport. In order to do well lessons in camp are essential. We give good lessons in camp, but we are at Ranger for only 8 weeks out of 56. My recommendation then to all parents whose children show interest and an inclination in tennis is to find a good local pro, or junior development program and enroll your youngster now...
Have a good winter - I'm looking forward to seeing all of you next year.

Sol Lesser


As usual Ranger Cup proved to be an exciting conclusion to a successful tennis season at Ranger. A new concept was used this year. There were 8 teams of 5 players each, 4 starters and a sub. The finals pitted Chezkoslavakia with Capt. Paul Haskins, Don Schwartz, Jeff Silverman, Mark Barashick, and Howie Haber making up the team against Israel led by Capt. Cheeks Klugman accompanied by Jim Tepperberg, David Kaplan, Lenny Weinstein, and Jeff Stranger.
Schwartz played Weinstein in first singles, and in a tough match Schwartz won. In the doubles, Silverman and Barashick were pitted against Klugman and Stranger. With the score 3-1 in favor of Israel, Haskins subbed himself in for Barashick. Israel, nevertheless, hung on to win behind the spirited play of Cheeks and Jeff in a tiebreaker, 7-6.
At this point the deciding match was to be played between Haber of Czek. and Kaplan of Israel. With the score 4-0 in favor of Haber, Tepperberg subbed himself in for Kaplan. Jimbo had his problems, all of which were caused by the aggressive play of Haber, but managed to fight back and win. -- ISRAEL WON THE CUP!!!