This year has been a full and successful tennis summer at Camp Ranger. There have been an abundant number of inter camp matches including the Tagola Invitational Tournament and culminated by the Brookwood Invitational. The performance by the girls in these matches were extraordinary, both in winning as well as in losing. We prided ourselves on our sportsmanship and our ability to take a loss the right way. We received outstanding singles play in our senior division from Elyse Libby, and Laurie Barashick. Our doubles team of Sheryl Moelis and Judy Birnbaum played excellent tennis all summer long. We had an excellent junior team headed by two Brookwood champions. The doubles team of Janet Libby and Lisa Klugman went undefeated this season including an expressive big win at Brookwood. Linda (Boomer) Sternberg was a Brookwood winner as well as she got her strong game together. Ranger also received a strong performance from Linda Windheim and Lorinda Teicher.
We had an overflow crowd each and every day at the courts and we think we have instilled the skills and techniques necessary to play top notch TENNIS.

Eric Linder (alias RR)

Its with mixed emotions that I write this end of the season article. I'm happy to report on the remarkable progress that all of the Ranger boys have made with their tennis games, yet I'm sad that another fine Ranger season is coming to an end.
As has been the case in the last two years the tennis instruction has been on a semi individual basis, with each camper receiving lessons on the forehand, backhand, serve, and net play. Throughout the season my assistant Jim Tepperberg and I stressed, both the importance of agressive top-spin stroking, and of the controlled game. Certainly there are very few 14 yr olds who can match the aggressiveness of a Paul Haskin or who can cope with the annoying and effective tactics of Bob Appenzeller and Greg Weitzner.
To me though the most rewarding aspect of teaching tennis at Ranger has been in seeing progress that the campers have made in the last 3 years. Today youngsters like Lee Goldberg, Matty Barkoff, and Matty Finklestein are tennis players. Three years ago they weren't even as big as their rackets. Today Gary Moelis is a