Camp Ranger had a highly successful intercamp game season. Playing against Lincoln Farms, the Supersenior softball squad led by Debbie Rosenberg and Beth Rubin proved to be invincible. Winning by a score, the team looked unbeatable. The Senior squad, behind the consistent pitching of Lisa Klugman and the solid bat of Marcie Ratner K.O'd their opponents by a score of 31-1. Camp Impala was also on the schedule. The Superseniors lost a tight volleyball match, but then again, who ever heard of playing volleyball on a ping pong table? The loss was avenged, however, as the seniors walked off with the softball game. Next year we hope to schedule intercamp beginning with Impala.
Camp Napanock visited our grounds only to meet with defeat. The senior volleyball team, with great performances from Meryl Reddish, Ellen Gutterson, and Michele Magasis, easily polished off their opponents. The super-seniors played an outstanding softball game. Their bats were hot with Carrie Kaplan, Laurie Barashik and Cheryl Newman all hitting strongly and consistently.

Camp Westwood also paid us a visit. Although we were defeated on the volley ball courts, our tennis stars saved the day. Lisa Klugman, Janet Libby and Linda Windheim were all victorious.
Lastly, Ranger was invited to the Kewanee Invitational Volley Ball Tournament. Both the super-senior and senior teams played well under extremely adverse conditions. It was the first time that the girls played on an indoor court and were thus subjected to the barrier of a ceiling. Also, we arrived at Kewanee under the impression that we would be playing power volley ball. Such was not the case. Both teams, however, demonstrated the potential to emerge as the champions for next years tournament.
More important than the wins and the losses was the consistent show of spirit, enthusiasm and sportsmanship on behalf of the Ranger teams. These, more than any other factor made this seasons intercamp games both successful and enjoyable.