This years counselor basketball team was a team to be reckoned with. The 4-0 record doesn't tell the whole story of how dominant we were in the Catskill counselor division. Our opening was against Camp Olympus, a powerhouse team. In our toughest game of the season, Capt. Jeff Ruskin rose to the occasion and stopped Olympus bigman Howie Budner. The tight defense mixed with the offense of Els Kalick proved to be too much for Olympus. Kalick wound up with 37 points and Ruskin proved once more that an old man can still get it up.
Adding support to those two were veteran Kenny Korder, the sparkplug point man whose blinding speed has left many opponents speechless. Other starters were leaping Larry Chasin, who learned it all in Williamsburg, and Rifle Rsuty Feldman from the streets of bayside. The supporting cast included Bruce Bieber who is rumored to be heading for the Jamaica staring five, Rev Schuchman, the fiery playmaker from the school yards of Sheepshead Bay, Neal "the wheel" Barkoff, former start at Bay Terrace Jewish Center, Steve Pelta, former high school star at Highland H.S. and player coach Kellman, former running mate of Steve Bracy at Midwood H.S. and possessor of what many people say is the finest jump shot in the east. Part time starter and rookie of the year Larry Pearlman had a fine season. This heady guard from Valley Stream Central played tough defense and made pinpoint passes consistently. However, he did most of his scoring after games going one on one with R.D.
The next three games of the schedule were romps and the reason was the stingy defense. Elliot Kalick led in scoring averaging high in the 30's. Sky Ruskin had 35 against Kennybrook in the final game. Yes, he can still put it through the hole.
To sum it up, it was a pleasure coaching this fine group of men. We played as a team, and won as a team. Brookwood, in your eye.

Charles "digger" Kellman