Once upon a summer, there were 30 plus four mentally armed members of the female persuasion, who vacationed together at Camp Ranger - A special land site "WHERE BUSHES GROW UP TO THE SKY." I say mentally armed because they made a special practice of being prepared for anything at anytime, anywhere. As the oldest member of their colony, it was their jobs to pass on the "Necessary requisites" of their status to the young - Who were ambitious from early day, they would be the secretaries, teachers, guides, leaders and relatives for the others (a few even managed to wake them up.) A special cycle in their year was specifically devoted to these efforts - 56 out of 365 units to be exact. Barring the obvious, they were short to tall, thin to chubby, angular to curvy and all had a special gleam in their eyes. (It was said that it was a by-product of their group initiation.) They were the SUPER * SENIORS. Each a descendent of the "ancient teen" - the mythological Tinkerbell.

They were the masters, the artisans and the Johnson's of pruning - advanced study. Each perfected the ceremonial ritual of low-drying - in honor of the preparation for the night celebration. The celebration consisted of a series of phenomenons opened by either talking and moving pictures, and talking and moving people of running and jumping Colonists - and always different, never quite the same.
As the season closed, each started to feel a little loss, growing as the end draws near. Ideas and plans were already being drawn up for the next cycle. They were all different, never quite the same.
They were leaving knowing they did their job and were the best. Can the next group follow as well? Return next summer for the next episode of "SUPER-SENIOR-SOUL."