So, exactly what did the seniors do this year?
Funny. I was just about to tell you. There were many things. Where shall we begin?
Let's start with Ranger Playhouse. The Seniors opened the season with a smashing performance of "Bye Bye Birdie." Cleve Christie felt right at home in his role and did you know Huge was really Felix Milan. And what about these greasy counselors, Jocko, and Elz, who helped steal the counselor talent show.
From an athletic viewpoint, the Seniors were tops in camp. Combining with the O.B.s, they whipped opponents from all over the Catskills to the tune of a 21-6 record. Seniors also made healthy contributions as Ranger captured the Camp Kewanee Basketball Tournament Championships. But, after going 7-3 in basketball, the major question still remains; will Druckman ever, ever start for the "A" team?
There was still another aspect of Senior life at Ranger. As mature young men, some seniors were developing their social contacts in the evenings. Cleve definitely showed why he earned his title as "King of the Hill." Sweet-talking Seymour dazzled the women with his plethora of moves. Lenny found comfort in two ways. The first came in the liquid form, while the second was a nocturnal partnership. "My Greggy" found satisfaction when allowed to live in a boy's bunk, while people wonder where Jay and the Rat were "going."
Academically, the Seniors could not be paralleled. Deane, leader of the Ranger Bugging Team, continually put Mr. Wizard to shame. Pasta's mind won acclaim in Hollywood's "The Italian Miss-Connection." And who could forget the "Golden Greek" seeing it all with his 20-20 I.Q.
And last, but not least, thanks to Roy, Bobby, Elz, Sen, Paul and Hymie for making my job a heckuva lot easier and more enjoyable.